My Hippie Speedball Notes

Ask_Duke_Toon-6be886a75146a52abae1d1583dde414cI wrote this weird thing for Everup this week. Turned out pretty well.

Like I mentioned in the story, I took a hippie speedball while writing it but little survived the final draft. Here’s the original speedball-abetted notes. It’s a mix of stuff I dictated into the notes app on my iPhone and typed out, so it’s pretty jumbled.


Nobody associates marijuana with productivity. You don’t do it to focus up. They smoke to make everything seem funny and chill. Getting things done is no laughing matter and is the opposite of being chill. You don’t take a bong rip to do your taxes. You smoke a joint before you go to a concert or watch a movie. At best, maybe you’ll weed up before you go swimming and even that will feel a little too intense.

Marijuana and espresso (or just coffee) called a hippie speedball.

Or, Woody Harrelson (need a modern high energy stoner. Not chong. Not willie nelson. Maybe Miley Cyrus—beiber and link it back to my story? SETH ROGAN SETH ROGAN SETH ROGAN) calls it, a weekday breakfast. Mid day snack

Hippie speedball

Didn’t a lot of hippies take speed? Or at least people close to hippies, people on the periffary of the hippy experience. The ones preying on stoned girls on the sunset strip. Like Charlie Manson types or the yippies. The beatnicks took tons of speed. Taking speed not antithetical to being a hippy.

I might have messed up the order. Strong coffee and then smoke.

I don’t know if there’s a unique dissociative quality to the experience or if I just feel weird because I’m high and taking notes.

There’s something on the back of my tongue that this coffee isn’t washing off.

So the new wayans brother movie is a 50 shades of gray parody called 50 shades of black. Which works. Anticipating all the white dudes write S&M agreements like this and black dudes write S&M agreements like that jokes. Black girls sassing people in bondage gear, ets. But I think it’s a real missed opportunity to make a movie called “50 shades of gay.” Not only is the wolrdplay cleaner but the joke’s naturally funnier. It’s an s&m contract movie about two dudes. That’s funny whether if both dudes are straight, or if one dude is straight or even if neither is straight.

Caffeine works by binding to our brain’s adenosine receptors and preventing them from processing neurochemical adenosine. When it’s processed, adenosine makes us tired. Without adenosine around to shut down the party, the brain’s stimulants, dopamine and glutamate, can buzz around like lunatics. Adenosine is like a dam holding dopamine and glutamate, back. Coffee cuts a temporary hole in the dam, allowing stimulants to flow wildly.

Smoking marijuana releases chemical compounds called cannabinoids to the neurochemical receptors. ACCORDING TO LINK The mix of chemicals making up THC is closest to resembles the naturally produced cannabinoid. Anandamide regulates our mood, sleep, memory and appetite. And it obviously has nothing to do with


Anandamide enhances extracellular levels of adenosine and induces sleep:


Marijuana appears to interfere with the hard work coffee does.

Smoking marijuana releases chemical compounds called cannabinoids to the brain’s neurochemical receptors. ACCORDING TO LINK The mix of chemicals making up THC is closest to resembles the naturally produced cannabinoid Anandamide. Anandamide regulates our mood, sleep, memory and appetite by DUN DUN DUN making more Adenosine.

I just made that connection just now! I AM SO SMART! And all I had to do was google Anandamide and Adenosine and read the front page of the first link I looked up. OK. I feel less smart know that I’m remembering the process through which I made this discovery.

I am listening to the Go-gos and it’s suddenly feeling like a bad choice. Worried I might lose focus if I fuss over music.

Anyway, part of the reason weed can be relaxing is because it produces more Adenosine into the brain. And the reason coffee is because it doesn’t let Adenosine work. Maybe there are different kinds of Adenosine and coffee works on one and marijuana works on the other? GOOGLE SEARCH THAT MOTHER FUCKER – switched to Jay-Z. THAT’S THE ANTHEM GET YOUR DAMN HANDS UP

AHAHAHAHA! Wikipedia says there are different kinds of Adenosine receptors. Four different kinds that do different thing but share some fuctions. Maybe coffee works on one kind and weed on another and I am a super genius. LOOK UP WHAT KIND OF ADENOSINE Anandamide BLOCKS.

but also: the four different kinds of adenoseine WHICH ONE DOES COFFEE BLOCK? I COULD STILL BE WRONG. –

fuck I am wrong. Coffee works as an antagonist against all of them.

hospitals use Adenosine to treat rapid heart beats.

Different receptor

A1 – decreased heart rates


A2A – coronary artery vasodilatation, Decreased dopaminergic activity in CNS,

Inhibition of central neuron excitation.


A2B – bronchospasm


A3 — Cardiac muscle relaxation, Smooth muscle contraction, cardioprotective in cardiac ischemia, inhibition of neutrophil degranulation

It’s kind of a cliché but 99 problems is a goddamn banger. Couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Hilarious. Maybe DMX next? NO. WU TANG MOTHERFUCKER.

Maybe sketchy gibberish:



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Poetry and Sorcery

Is life too short for poetry? I think I’ve been living under that assumption even though I don’t remember consciously making that decision. I haven’t read a poem in years. There’s something about looking at words broken into stanzas that makes me impatient. Somehow it feels harder to read something when there’s a lot more white space on the page. And those goddamn poets, they put so much effort into each word, so you’re supposed to meditate on every choice they make.

Ugh. Who has time for that? And what good is it, really? Give me the internet and a Domino’s pizza and Taylor Swift music! I will soak in its garbage and be fine.

Anyway. There were two catalysts behind this post: I haven’t written in a while because, once again, paying gigs have prevented me from writing for free. Secondly, I had an interesting addendum for a thing I wrote for money. It involves poetry and Harry Potter.

I mentioned the William Butler Yeats poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus” in a guide to a Celtic goddess I wrote for Van Winkle’s. It’s not his best poem (“Second Coming” probably is) but it’s the only one that of Dumbledore has read aloud to interest people in Irish tourism opportunities.




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Original CDC Report on SUNDS

I just found the Centers for Disease Control’s 1981 report on the Hmong sleep deaths. In case anybody’s curious, I’ve archived it below.

cdc_1298_DS1 (1)

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New Sudden and Unexplained Interview

Thanks to the great Kevin Moore for leading an insightful talk.

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Nightmare Documentary I Talked About on Coast to Coast

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Sudden and Unexplained: The Original L.A. Times Articles

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.01.19 AM

For the curious: I’ve archived the original L.A. Times articles about the deaths among the Hmong in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Click below for PDFs of the stories. I’ll keep them up until somebody tells me I can’t.

L.A. Times Hmong Deaths 1

L.A. Times Hmong Deaths 2

L.A. Times Hmong Deaths 3

L.A. Times Hmong Deaths 4

L.A. Times Hmong Deaths 5

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Welcome Coast to Coast Listeners!

276-0425132040-coast-to-coastMy little blog was linked to by Coast to Coast AM, one of the most popular radio shows in the world. I am delighted to have the privilege of being a guest on the program on Sunday, Sept. 13.

I am writing this in advance of the show but I’m assuming that you are probably here because you heard my guttural New Jersey accent telling scary stories about people dying in their sleep.

Here’s that story: Sudden and Unexplained: The Sleep Deaths that Inspired Freddy Krueger

For more journalism with a capital “J,” here’s my recent look into a NASA fueled study into using cryogenic sleep to travel to Mars: How Traveling to Deep Space In Cryogenic Sleep Could Actually Work.

If you like the occasional drink, you might enjoy my Huffington Post story about hangover cures from earlier this summer. 12 Miracle Hangover Cures, Tested & Debunked

Feel free to scroll down to read more stories on this site. They’re mostly about music and pop culture. Thanks for stopping by.

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