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Lana Del Rey Makes me Feel Like an Old Man

I find Lana Del Rey’s music incredibly boring. But that only has a little bit to do with her music and a lot to do with how old I am.

First, I didn’t initially encounter her music in anything approximating a way that’s optimal. It wasn’t recommended by an enthusiastic friend. It didn’t waft over the speakers at a bar or a store or a party.  I read about her in a story on gawker about the growing internet backlash against her music. I didn’t read the story very closely, and only later connected it back to her after her much maligned Saturday Night Live performance.

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It’s the Stupidity, Economists

The old Clinton campaign adage, it’s the economy, stupid, is obnoxious, off-putting and smug. It’s also wrong.

It should read like this: the economy is stupidity. It’s about stupid things sold in stupid ways by stupid people to other stupid people.

Capitalism’s success, at every level, is dependent stupidity.

A property owner sells land on the bet that someone will be stupid enough to buy it. A property developer builds it up because they bet that someone will be stupid enough to want to operate a business in it. The business owner is betting that someone is going to be stupid enough to spend money on their product. That person is hoping that someone is stupid enough to let them stay at their job.

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