Metal Week Continues with Unpleasant Album Cover Art by the Scorpions

I think even David Cronenberg would be uncomfortable. And why don’t either of them look at all surprised?

Every family’s nightmare: being trapped in a cage and surrounded by poorly photoshopped animals. (also, if the Dad and son are primitive zoo creatures, where do they get razors to shave their heads?)
This is a purple man with airplane feet and a toaster head squat flying through stormy weather with a rainbow Scorpions banner on his shoulder. Which is a totally normal thing to be on an album cover.
I have no problem with purple desert blowjobs. But what’s with the dog?
Massive headwound Harry has his revenge!
Anybody who makes an album with the Berlin Philharmonic and doesn’t have a dinosaur with lady’s jewelry on the cover is a coward.

PS: I skipped their worst album cover, Virgin Killer, because I think I this site could technically be considered child pornography if it were included. So just google that shit.


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