Oscar Facts!

  • In the first Oscar telecast, Joseph Cotton murdered a man live on stage. That is how the best supporting actor category was invented.
  • Marissa Tormei requires her sexual partners to only refer to her as “Oscar Winner Marrisa Tormei” during acts of physical intimacy.
  • The Oscars were founded by Alfred Nobel, using money he made from his production house, Dynamite! Pictures.
  • As part of a settlement from a 1994 lawsuit from Kathy Bates, each Oscar statue has a warning about the risks of using the statue as a marital aid.
  • Every Oscar winner receives a free burger punch-card to Arbies with 6 out of 9 burgers already punched in.
  • Of all the members of the Governing Board of the Motion Picture Academy, Visual Effects Branchgovernor Craig Barron receives the most drunk dialed phone calls from Harvey Keitel.
  • In cases where Oscar nominees are tied, the winner is determined by a hot dog eating contest.
  • Members of the academy get surprisingly annoyed when you ask them why Die Hard wasn’t nominated for best picture.
  • In 1991, the Oscars were held hostage by terrorists. But they didn’t count on Jean Claude Van Damme getting nominated as best editor (actually, this is the premise of a screenplay I write whenever I get really stoned).
  • The porno parody of the Oscars is called I’d Like to Spank the Academy.
  • Famously, when George C. Scott was nominated for an Oscar, he promised to throw the biggest meat parade Hollywood had ever seen if he won.



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