That’s Totally Not How Tom Hanks Dies

So there’s this movie called “Incredibly loud and extremely close.” The trailers are playing on TV right now and they’re bumming out my wife something fierce. She couldn’t believe that they would make a movie where Tom Hanks dies in 911.

She was only half kidding, but I really do see her point. The whole movie and the book they were based on are toxically manipulative. The worst to happen in America ever is used as a shitty little trick to get people to care about what looks to be a paper thin too-cute little story.

And anyhow, everybody knows that’s not what happens when Tom Hanks dies. Tom Hanks goes out killing Nazis and it’s somehow bad-ass and over-the-top cornball at the same time.


2 thoughts on “That’s Totally Not How Tom Hanks Dies

  1. Considering that you totally missed the point of the “Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close”–and that it wasn’t the usual Hollywood puerile frivolity–no wonder you panned it, Mr. Bulger. Set aside the superb acting of Thomas Horn, and of Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Max, Zoe, and Viola and all the other excellent performances–take just the major point of the film and boil it down to its essence (which you obviously missed or discounted as unimportant) and you get a single quote: “I thought I couldn’t live without him, but now I know I can.” The movie pierced to the heart of every person who ever lost someone they loved more than life itself. You wrote, “–a paper thin too-cute little story.” How could you be so wrong?

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