Bizarre Curation

A couple of years before the invention of iTunes, I remember spending about a half an hour at a record store shocked I couldn’t find a Joe Jackson album with “Got the Time, “I’m the Man,” Stepping Out,” “Is She Really Going Out with Him” and “Look Sharp” on it. All the compilations merely had one or two of them. On a similar note, I was delighted to see that 40 Licks, a two CD career spanning set of Rolling Stones had been released. Finally, an album with both “Honky Tonk Woman” and “Tumbling Dice.” But “Tumbling Dice is the only song from Exile on Main Street.  And there only two songs, respectively, from Let it Bleed and Beggar’s Banquet and “Miss You” is the only song from Some Girls. And, yes, CDs do not have an infinite capacity for music, but no one would have minded if you scraped the ‘90s Stones songs from the collection.

It’s really puzzling. My theory is that someone decided not to make the album “too good.” I’m not sure why.

Also, not as bad, but still frustrating: Black Sabbath’s Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll. First, there’s no reason to include “Changes.” No one is putting on Black Sabbath’s greatest hits to hear a schmaltzy piano ballad. Secondly, there are four songs from Volume 4, a largely mediocre album brightened mostly by the sloppy, brutal genius of “Supernaut,” a song that’s strangely absent.

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Adam Bulger is the editor in chief of and a frequent contributor to the parenting website He's also recently written for the wedding site and the college student aide Less recently, he's written for The Believer, Forbes, The Atlantic's website, Suicidegirls, Inked Magazine and probably about a dozen other places that are too obscure or defunct to bother listing.

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