Sarcasm Chasm

This is not the world’s most original observation, but the internet is just way too ironic. I know my irony-detector has been knocked so far out of wack that I see arch sarcasm where it doesn’t exist.

Case in point. I clicked on a link on a website and it brought me to another website (I know: fun story, right?). And the actual article I was trying to read didn’t load, but this message did:

For publication consideration in the newspaper, send comments to Include name, phone number, city and state for verification. To view our corrections, go to

And I actually thought it was a pretty funny joke that some rando blog would have two email addresses for USA Today. I also liked its pseudo serious wording. I thought it was clever that it wasn’t overtly making fun of USA Today—the Zero Hour to the Onion’s Airplane!—but was just sneakily appropriating the newspaper’s brand instead.  And including a link to a newspaper’s corrections was pretty funny, too.

Then I looked down at the rest of the website and realized it actually was a blog for USA Today.

That’s the moment I realized the world no longer made sense and I had to enter irony detox. Also, if you want to send a letter to USA Today or view their corrections, feel free to click the links above.


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One response to “Sarcasm Chasm

  1. Perhaps this is what your less favorite Eagle was saying when he sang about our living in “such a graceless age.”

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