The Terrifying Hilarity of the Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology

I’m feeling grateful for Congressman Todd Akin these days. For the first time ever, he’s let me, a straight-C high school biology student, feel smugly superior about my understanding of human anatomy. Secondly, he’s prompted me to learn something about the Republican membership of the

Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology, a committee Akin is a member of despite not understanding basic science.

Judging from the name, you’d hope that the committee would be a bunch of high minded folks who respect science, inquiry and whatnot. Sadly, it’s more of a dumping ground for dummies, meanies and crazies.

There’s lightweights like alleged Israeli skinny-dipper Ben “Brock Landers” Quayle. There are professional ratfuckers like James Sensenbrenner, who once went on Fox News to complain about Democrats trying to tax “cow farts,” a charge that he evidently made up out of fat air.

But at least one of the Republicans on the committee has a background in the sciences: Roscoe Bartlett, an engineer and inventor. Sadly, he doesn’t use his scientific acumen to push for technological innovation, as his all-consuming preoccupation with preparing for the end of civilization won’t allow for it. The 86-year-old Maryland representative has repeatedly warned his senate colleagues about the imminent threat to America’s power grids posed by electro-magnetic pulses. He’s the underdog in his coming reelection race following a redrawing of his district. But the good news is he has plenty of time to spend preparing the wood-stove outfitted cabin he owns in the forests of West Virginia.


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