Surprise, Surprise: the Top Selling Song in America is Actually Kind of Great

So I checked the Billboard chart on a whim today, expecting to have some nice cringe in when I played the top selling single in America. I was pleasantly surprised to when I heard the song itself.

Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” is surprisingly great for the following reasons and probably more.

  • The verse sounds a little bit like “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love Tonight” by The Outfield. But not enough to be a rip off.
  • As the video demonstrates, it would be possible to actually replicate this song with a five or six piece band (one dude would be pressing a button on a sampler).
  • It starts pleasantly but modestly, and escalates in intensity before peaking at the chorus.
  • It goes right to the shores of dubstep but never actually dives in.
  • Dope clean fender strat guitar sound throughout.
  • Nice tempo change in the last chorus.
  • It’s an original lyric idea that’s both odd and sad. The girl makes him feel like he’s been locked out of heaven for too long; I don’t even know exactly what that means but a pretentious part of me wants to invoke Paradise Lost’s Lucifer.

Anyway, the number two song is some garbage by Taylor Swift that was as bad as I hoped the number one song would be, so everybody wins.


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