New Song

Here’s a new song I recorded over the weekend called “Goddamn it Edgar, You Screwed the Pooch Again.” It’s an instrumental. The title was inspired by the presence of the complete tales and poems of Edgar Allen Poe on the shelf next to my chair. 

It’s sort of a throw-back R&B groove that takes a weird turn in the bridge. I’m playing guitar, bass and keyboard. The drums are apple loops that I messed with a little bit.

The verse is a rolling groove that alternates between the Hendrix chord and an F sharp minor (maybe a passing B minor, too). The chorus progression is highly influenced by “Eight Miles High” by the Byrds. I think the guitar solo is a distant echo of something Robbie Kreiger played with the Doors, maybe even in “Light my Fire.” The bridge is just weird and throws the whole vibe off, but (A) I think it’s kind of funny and (B) having it right before the guitar solo creates a nice sense of dynamics.


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