New Song: “Nervous Music For Sexy People”

What if you created your masterpiece and didn’t like it?

That seems an unreasonably pretentious worry to have about a song recorded on free Apple software. But it’s the thought I’m having about “Nervous Music For Sexy People,” the song I posted on Sound cloud Sunday night.

A song that started as an exercising in rewriting Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” became an exercise in dynamics and increasing intensity inspired by DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor.” The intro has a nice urgency and the song builds steadily. The mood is tense throughout. I like that the chorus power chords evolve from ZZ Top grit into Euro-metal drama. There’s a nice crisp sound overall and there’s nothing too jarringly out of tune or out of time.

It’s probably a verse too long. The kaossilator break might have been a miscalculation. The outro solo storms out of the gate but fizzles before the finish line, but I actually like the effect.

The bigger issue is the lack of a strong hook. The bassline/rhythm guitar part is so busy the melodies I tried to overlay on  it just got lost. I wanted to write a synth part but couldn’t settle on a sound. If I were a better singer I could have just sung something to tie it all together but alas, no.

But obviously I’ve thought about this song too much. I am satisfied with the effort and craft I put into the song but I have no idea if the song is enjoyable.

Anyway, if someone could let me know, I’d appreciate it. All criticism is welcome. Constructive, destructive—have at it.


2 thoughts on “New Song: “Nervous Music For Sexy People”

  1. I like it! it’s groovy and the pacing and build are great! I think you loosen up in the last 2 minutes and I wish you did that earlier. the bassy guitar u bring in at the end would be great after the first 2 minutes to fill out the sound scape, and I think some kind of almost a horn sound synth would be great after the break… and the guitar solo is great, but also a minute earlier before the song breakdown. i think adding a riding snare or a tweaked out fast clap could also support the drum. Not bad for a solo emperor!!!

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