Six Dudes who Would be Amazing as Dr. Who (And Three that Would be Awful)

Last month, the president of worldwide entertainment corp. announced that they were making a movie of Dr. Who.

This is of particular interest to me.

Before I discovered girls and weed, I was obsessed with PBS reruns of the long running low budget British science fiction show. And lately I’ve started to watch the reboot on Netflix and BBC America. It’s more high budget and I think it’s sort of weird that the Doctor likes girls in this one (especially one that turned out to be an expensive prostitute!) and it’s creepy that they lean on him being a messianic figure, but on the whole, it’s really good, too! Not good enough to give up girls, but luckily my wife likes it, so I don’t have to.

The movie’s going to have nothing to do with the show, which is a bummer, as part of the pleasure of watching the show as a returning fan is its continuity with the 30-plus year “classic” run. But there’s an opportunity with casting, as Matt Smith isn’t going to be the Doctor. He’s been fine, but I’ve been idly dream casting the Gallifrayan and have some great ideas that will never be brought to fruition because they’re gonna get an American “bankable” movie star to do it.

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