Mister Bulger and Dirty Words

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-3-16-47-pmAre you a parent worried about using filthy language around your kid? One expert says don’t worry about it. So I talked to him.


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Mister Bulger and Charter Schools

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-37-39-pmI waded into the national debate over charter schools for Fatherly.com.

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Mister Bulger and the Children’s Nature TV Star

For my first article for Fatherly.com, I interviewed Chris Kratt, half of PBS Kids’ Wild Kratts, about getting kids interested in science and nature.


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Hello Midnight in the Desert Listeners!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.55.57 AMI had a great time talking nightmares with Heather. You guys are really cool and I liked talking to the people who called in. Thanks for visiting my site. If you want, email me at adam.bulger@gmail.com. I’ll take your questions seriously and answer as best as I can.

Click here for the 1981 CDC report on SUNDS. As far as I know, this is the only place it exists on the internet.

Click here for the original Los Angeles Times stories on the Hmong sleep deaths.

Here’s my original story on the real life origins of Freddy Krueger. Here’s a rundown of some of the sleep monsters I mentioned on the show.

And, for the curious, my interview with Hunter Thompson. It’s mostly a goddamn nightmare.

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Mister Bulger and the Land of the Midnight Sun

I found out how people sleep in a world without darkness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.14.03 PM

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Mr. Bulger Endures Sleep Deprivation

I wrote about the history of using sleep deprivation as a form of torture for Van Winkle’s. Not a cheerful subject but the story turned out well. Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.04.50 AM

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Mr. Bulger Cuts for the Dream

I talked film editing with master Hollywood scene cutter Norman Hollyn for Van Winkle’s. We talked at length about the opening scene of Fellini’s 8 1/2 and the ’80s high school dark comedy Heathers, which Hollyn edited. Click on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to get to the story.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.44.19 AM

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