I Don’t Understand the Question and I Won’t Respond to it

Play Misty for Me is streaming on Netflix. I’ve been curious about watching it again for a while, as it stars a young Jessica Walter—Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development. Walter, quirky cute in her early 2os, plays a manic pixie nightmare girl stalking Clint Eastwood, a super smooth radio DJ with awesome hair who just wants to loosen his load but he’s got seven women on his mind. Walters stands the most in the way of his ability to take it easy; even though he told her that she was just a one night stand she gets clingy and weird. The irresistibly mellow Eastwood is caught in her nightmare web until I decided to pause the movie and see what other movies Jessica Walter has been in.

And boy has she ever been in another movie. She’s the villain in the ’70s made for tv Doctor Strange movieSkip to the two-minute mark and watch her own that shit.