Meet Mr. Bulger

Adam Bulger is a journalist. He’s a frequent contributor to, where he writes about being a dad. He’s recently written for, News to Table and and edited for

He’s always interested in writing for new clients.  Reach out to him at

You may have read his stories on Huffington Post, The Believer, USA Today, Inked magazine,, Forbes and elsewhere. Hunter Thompson called him a dummy in an interview featured in the De Capo Press book Ancient Gonzo Wisdom.

You may have heard his voice on the radio or a podcast. He’s a frequent guest on The Daily Beat with Joe Virgillito and American Rambler with Colin Woodward and also been featured on Coast to Coast A.M., Midnight in the Desert and the Moore show. He does music sometimes, too

He was a founding editor of the hyperlocal news network Defunct publications he’s written for include The New York Press, The Hartford Advocate, RAMP Magazine,, Van Winkles and EverUp.

He lives in Verona, New Jersey with his wife and daughter.

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