Mister Bulger Meets Crulge

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I’m a big fan of the Chapo Trap House Podcast so I was psyched to meet their healthcare correspondent Timothy Faust when he was early into his crusade of barnstorming America to rally support for healthcare justice. He’s smart and fights the good fight. Plus he’s cool, goofy and friendly as all hell. He’s one of the best dudes alive, actually, and I was very happy to get a chance to tell a part of his story.


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Mr. Bulger Talks to Military Dads

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I talked to guys who balance the military with fatherhood. It’s not easy, folks.

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Mr. Bulger Shares a Joke With His Wife

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I don’t often write about personal stories but I really enjoyed writing about how my wife and I make each other laugh.

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Mister Bulger Vs. The Grateful Dead

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I decided I’ve been neglecting this site for too long. I got a full-time gig as the Editor in Chief of BTRToday. and since this site was meant to be an easy way for prospective employers to find my writing samples, there was less urgency to post here. But then I put “update the website” on a to-do list and I love checking thing off of to-do lists, so here we are.

Anyway, I wrote this funny story about how much the Grateful Dead suck and all these dumb deadheads got real mad at me. Check it out!

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Mr. Bulger and Children’s Music

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Songs for kids that parents won’t hate? Sign me up! –you, hopefully.

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Mister Bulger and the Evolution of the Dad Brain

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I talked with Jonathan Baylin, a clinical psychologist, about the inner workings of parents’ brains. He brought me millions of years back in time to explain it.

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Mister Bulger and Sperm



Not even half as gross as it sounds! Check it out.

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