Awesome Pics of Iron Maiden’s Eddie, Part 5

Before I talk about the cover, I’d like to mention how jaunty and upbeat the actual song “Number of the Beast” is. It was a really bizarre decision for Iron Maiden to make it a song about the devil when it could have easily been a Survivor-esque inspirational hard rocker.

Now to the cover. First, Eddie must be the greatest puppeteer in the world to be able to manipulate a puppet that’s also manipulating a puppet (and they’re both literally “pulling strings,” as the artist forgot to draw in puppet controls). Secondly, is there a meaning to this besides just looking awesome? Was it a preemptive argument against accusations of devil worship (the devil is a tool being used by Iron Maiden, not a force controlling them). Is Iron Maiden supposed to be the real evil as opposed to the fake, but more visible, evil of the devil? Who is the devil manipulating?


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