Hello Midnight in the Desert Listeners!

I had a great time talking nightmares with Heather. You guys are really cool and I liked talking to the people who called in. Thanks for visiting my site. If you want, email me at adam.bulger@gmail.com. I’ll take your questions seriously and answer as best as I can. Click here for the 1981 CDC reportContinue reading “Hello Midnight in the Desert Listeners!”

Sudden and Unexplained: The Original L.A. Times Articles

For the curious: I’ve archived the original L.A. Times articles about the deaths among the Hmong in the late ’70s and early ’80s. I drew on them extensively for my story on the real life origins of Freddy Krueger. Click below for PDFs of the stories. I’ll keep them up until somebody tells me IContinue reading “Sudden and Unexplained: The Original L.A. Times Articles”