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Mr. Bulger and Children’s Music

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Songs for kids that parents won’t hate? Sign me up! –you, hopefully.


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Mister Bulger and the Evolution of the Dad Brain

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I talked with Jonathan Baylin, a clinical psychologist, about the inner workings of parents’ brains. He brought me millions of years back in time to explain it.

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Mister Bulger and Sperm



Not even half as gross as it sounds! Check it out.

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Mister Bulger and Charter Schools

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-37-39-pmI waded into the national debate over charter schools for

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Mister Bulger and the Children’s Nature TV Star

For my first article for, I interviewed Chris Kratt, half of PBS Kids’ Wild Kratts, about getting kids interested in science and nature.


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