Pop! Week Goes Gaga, Part 2

“Born this Way” is not only the worst song of Lady Gaga’s career, it’s going to be the soundtrack for some of the worst parties in America for years to come. Here’s how that’s gonna go: OK, everybody thanks for showing up for the LGBT freshmen coalition party planning committee. There’s going to be aContinue reading “Pop! Week Goes Gaga, Part 2”

Pop! Week Goes Gaga, Part 1

Like most of the rest of America, I am strongly reconsidering my love affair with Lady Gaga. The first blush of bad romance (I know: ouch, right?) was intense, accompanied by feelings of giddiness and rushes of new, intense pleasure. She was a post-modern pop girl, a smart person’s take on Britney Spears. She performedContinue reading “Pop! Week Goes Gaga, Part 1”