Eponymous Gangster Week Continues: Strange, and Possibly True, Facts About Whitey Bulger: Part Two

He (Probably) Won the Lottery Without Ever Buying a ticket:

Here’s the constant calculation that probably goes through former South Boston working man Michael C. Linskey’s mind: he only gets one part of his lottery winnings, but if had never bought a lottery ticket at Whitey Bulger’s liquor store, he never would have won the lottery at all.


I can’t find any solid proof for this, but this is how I sincerely believe the most important week in Linskey’s life went. One day, he buys a lottery ticket at Bulger’s South Boston Liquor Mart. Soon after, he learns he won over $14 million. Then he gets a phone call from Whitey telling him about how happy he was that their lottery partnership had finally paid off. The meaning of the news dawns on Linskey, who gulps and considers how $7 million isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Assuming this is what happened, it was the shittiest petty shakedown in the history of shitty petty shakedowns. Anyway, the arrangement lasted four years only. Whitey went fugitive in 1995, and, because it’s illegal to transfer funds to a fugitive, Linskey finally got to keep most of his winnings (Whitey’s associates probably kept up the rest of the split).


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