Eponymous Gangster Week Continues: Strange, and Possibly True, Facts About Whitey Bulger: Part One

He May be Gay Or Bisexual (But Probably Isn’t)

I’m listing this one first because it’s so tantalizing. As Omar Little has taught us, the only thing more fascinating than a heartless killing machine is a heartless killing machine with a proclivity for the Pet Shop Boys. Unfortunately, the evidence is flimsy. Exhibits follow.

Exibit A) Howie Carr, who I suspect may be a bit of a loon, alleges in his book “The Brothers Bulger” that Whitey started out as his criminal career as a teenage gay hustler given to robbing his tricks. But even if that’s true that doesn’t make him gay so much as a violent sexual opportunist. You don’t suck dick for money because you really love sucking dick; you suck dick for money because you want/need money. Otherwise, you’d do it for free (sorry if anybody thought crack addicts are super-horny).

Exhibit B) He stayed at a gay hotel a couple of times. The hotel’s owner, a friend of Whitey’s once tried to scare an employee from testifying against him by invoking Whitey’s name. This proves nothing, except that Whitey was surprisingly cool with gay dudes for a thug from South Boston and that the hotel owner was smart enough to know that if you want to scare somebody you better say some scary shit.


Published by Mister Bulger

Adam Bulger is a frequent contributor to the parenting website Fatherly.com. He's written for the wedding site ThePlunge.com and the college student aide Coursehero.com. Less recently, he's written for The Believer, Forbes, The Atlantic's website, Suicidegirls, Inked Magazine and probably about a dozen other places that are too obscure or defunct to bother listing.

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