Worst Coke Buddies in the World

A friend of mine emailed me this yesterday, and I’ll share it in its unedited entirety, other than a link for clarification, because it’s brilliant.

I was just watching the roast of Charlie Sheen, the part I saw was ok, I’m looking forward to Patrice O’Neal (the fat black dude that worked in the warehouse with Daryl in the first couple of seasons of the Office) because he is hysterical and you guys should watch his strand up on Netflix because it is great.  Anyway, Steve-o was one of the people who spoke, he had some decent material, but ended it by attempting to dive into MIke Tyson’s fist to get a black eye which was stupid, weird, and not funny at all.  But, while steve-o (Adam’s boy) was talking he said that the last time he saw Mike Tyson they locked themselves in a bathroom and did 5 grams of blow.  So basically I think that combo is the very worst 2 person combo to be stuck in a bathroom with while they did 5 grams of blow.  Can you think of any other 2 person combo that would be worse?

PS while writing this email William Shatner made a black joke about Patrice and a Jew joke. boom goes the dynamite.

Wow, right? Anyway. My nominations follow. Add yours in the comments.

  • Sarah Palin and Charles Barkley
  • Mel Gibson and Gilbert Gottfried
  • Simon Cowell and Noam Chomsky
  • Moammar Gadhafi and Cher
  • Nicolas Sarkozy and Larry the Cable Guy

Published by Mister Bulger

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